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    A student always studies and follows his interest, moving towards his career. Apart from just clearing or achieving a selected degree, a person should also focus on the required skills of this era and the demand of their future employers. The basic and common skills that every student, irrespective their field must possess includes; effective ...
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    Developing countries such as Pakistan are in much need of business and marketing to progress. The field of Business Management is a vast field in relation with profit making and its scope. This field provides varieties of areas of interest and several career positions among these areas. The below stated universities are in accordance with ...
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    The PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) keeps full audit in registration and the changes in the policies for Engineering Universities. Its main purpose is to deliver quality education to the students of Pakistan in relation with Engineering. PEC usually interacts with the Federal and Provincial authorities by getting involved in Commissions, Advisory Bodies and Committees, being ...
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    Most of the people, especially students, have to face an entry test minimum twice in their life. Discussing entry tests, they vary from course to course and tend to be different at different school, colleges, universities and offices during a recruitment process. They are effective that in the term of months to a year, the ...
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    As University ends, the most important thing to do is to make a to-do list. Make a list of spots you want to explore and head towards travelling. But once you’re back, there are few responsibilities you need to take care of. And one of your responsibilities is to get a good job. After so ...
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    Being a university student, you might often wonder what is the difference between you and a typical student who is studying in a university? We all had that thought during our intermediate/A-level days and got different answers from our senior cousins or friends who have started their university life. Well, after more than 4 years ...
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